Gal Kantor

Chartered Physiotherapist (BSc, MSc, MCSP, HPC reg.)

Specialised in Manipulative Therapy and Sport Injuries (MMACP)

Guest Lecturer and Tutor at Glasgow Caledonian University's physiotherapy department.

Official member of the Physiotherapy team for Glasgow 2014 (Athletes Village Polyclinic)


What do I do?

"I help people diagnosing their pain and injuries in order to find rapid and complete relief, then returning them back to their previous level of function and sports"

“How do I do you that?"

I diagnose physical problems accurately throughout using a thorough clinical examination. This is followed by a revolutionary combination of treatment methods that reduce pain immediately and eradicate the symptoms… everything clearly explained and demonstrated to my clients."

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Here’s more on how I can help you…

Do you know know how you or someone you love find himself suffering from physical pain or sport injury that causes him or her a major pain, discomfort and frustration?

I can help all people suffering from pain and physical symptoms, acute, chronic, and constant pain find immediate and lasting relief using a revolutionary process of clinical examination and advanced treatment methods.

My treatment protocols combined knowledge of advanced physiotherapy, through manipulative therapies and wide rage of neuromuscular rehabilitation approaches. This combination of treatment methods will reduce your need to seek treatment from additional disciplines such as chiropractors, Osteopaths, masseurs and other alternative therapies.

The treatment will reduce your pain immediately, eliminates physical symptoms and restores strength and full range of motion allowing my clients to resume their full and active lifestyle… and sports.

Do you know how the vast majority of back pain victims often find themselves unable to move and suffering from chronic pain that's so severe it completely disrupts their lives?

Do you know how active and sportive people often find themselves unable to run, swim, play football, tennis or any other sport they love doing? How they need to quit their gym and exercise routine, which causes them to stay home, gain weight and sometimes even become depressed?

I have the ability to treat them all using a groundbreaking detailed examination, followed by an accurate diagnoses and effective treatment that immediately eliminates their symptoms and suffering mostly after just one treatment… and eventually remain pain free for a minimum of 6 months… guaranteed."

The treatment is known as Combined Therapeutic Approach… or CTA for short. This is a scientifically and evidence based approach, state-of-the-art clinical process that restore the widest range of pain, physical dysfunction and sport injuries. Not only this, but also it can also prevent re-occurrence of similar injuries in the future.

Many sufferers of back pain as well as trapped nerves, frozen shoulders, knee pain and tennis elbows often receive wrong information about their problem, given wrong/risky or ineffective treatment. In worse cases they would be referred unnecessarily to orthopedic surgeries. Eventually they find themselves flat on their backs in bed and battling crippling pain or limited functionally, and in a complete and total loss of lifestyle.

Active and sportive people who suffer sport injury are often receive treatment, which does not reach the bottom of the problem, and focus only on the symptoms. The location of pain is not necessarily the source of the problem and very often it is not. CTA systematically search and focus on the source of the complaint and treat it with extremely high rate of success.

CTA has been shown to be so effective in eliminating any chance for relapse of the original problem that I'm able to guarantee each sport injury or back pain sufferer will remain pain-free for a full six-month period.

The treatment is very safe, being a physiotherapy based and take include the modern science of manipulative therapy and western medicine in combination with explainable similar elements of associated treatment disciplines.

But don't just take my word for this… let me prove its coherence and instantaneous pain-relief effects through a complimentary first treatment that will enable you to understand your pain, restore your motion, your strength, eliminate your pain and eventually have you feeling like your old self again."

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Glasgow physiotherapist Gal Kantor completed his physiotherapy education in the Netherlands before going on to graduate with a Masters degree in Manipulative Therapy at Glasgow Caledonian University.

In order to stat up a sport injury clinic in Central Glasgow he first became a chartered physiotherapist & specialised in lower back pain, sport injuries, advanced massage and manipulations. 
Combining manual therapy & physiotherapy has proven to be highly effective in GKPhysiotherapy Centre. Gal's qualifications and experience working in a wide range of specialties help him to excel at physiotherapy, offering the highest quality in terms of expert care.

Gal swims and coaches at a competitive level and he was the 2011 and 2012 Scottish Masters champion for his age group in the breaststroke events. This gives him a solid knowledge of what is necessary to participate at an exceptionally high standard. Gal's enthusiasm and excellence is something which translates into his delivery of physiotherapy and spurs him on to undertake cutting edge, international post-grad qualifications & courses. 

Gal is a member of the British Manipulation Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (MMACP) which means that GKPhysiotherapy can evaluate your musculoskeletal complaints and if required manipulate joints effectively and safely. 


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