Why choose GKPhysiotherapy over the physio/chiro/osteo next door...?

As a private sports injury clinic GKPhysiotherapy has the necessary qualifications & experience working in a wide range of specialities, which helps GKPhysiotherapy to excel at physiotherapy and offer the highest quality in terms of advanced, expert care.

Gal's enthusiasm & excellence translates directly into delivering an elite level, advanced physiotherapy practice and always aspires on to complete cutting edge qualifications & courses. Whether your complaint is a sharp ankle pain, sharp back ache or other resources just could not help, Gal will be able to help you.

At GKPhysiotherapy, there's a combination of spinal & joint manipulations / adjustments with an advanced physiotherapy care service contributing to an effectiveness and so is the reputation.


There are a number of compelling reasons to choose Gal and GKPhysiotherapy for your sport injury or pain:

·      An extensive education has provided Gal with the skills to diagnose your problem accurately and educate you in understanding your pain and the source of your symptoms.

·      Gal has benefited from intensive mentorship by some of the best Manipulative Physiotherapy memberships in the UK (MACP) and World (IFOMT), which allows him to use world-class treatment methods.

·      Your complaint can be resolve in fewer sessions than most other therapists.

·      The accurate prescription of a very specific treatments methods will save you time, money and pain.

·      An advanced combination of diagnostic tools, exercise and manipulative therapies will help you where other practitioners might have failed in the past.

·      GKPhysiotherapy guarantees a refund by the end of the second session if you are unsatisfied or convinced that we cannot help you out.

·     Full registration with all the major insurance companies (including BUPA & AXAPPP)

·      Official Membership of the Manipulation Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (MACP), which means official training in manipulating back, neck and peripheral joints.

·      Great location between the city centre and the West End of Glasgow with plenty of parking space available.

Gal has the knowledge & experience to create an exact, individual treatment plan unique to each patient, making sure their specific pain & condition is treated effectively and in as few treatment sessions as is genuinely possible. He strive to find out the true cause to your problem wherever it may come from in your body. The aim is to educate the clients about their specific pain & condition, eg: we will educate what the cause of shoulder pain, cause of back pain, cause of neck pain really is.

GKPhysiotherapy aims to help clients to take control in a proactive approach in their future health.

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