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Stay ACTIVELY functional to perform your essential daily-life activities and tasks.


Maintain and improve your desired FITNESS level, hobbies, and sports activities.

Injury Free

Remain INJURY-FEE, mobile, and PAIN-FREE. Embrace and maintain your optimal physical capacity and lifestyle.

Are you Active, Fit and Injury Free?


Do you find that you are struggling to remain pain-free over time or are worried about injuring yourself again?

Do you fear not being able to play or not being able to do your physical hobbies? 

Would you like to enjoy an active lifestyle, so to perform and complete activities like you used to, in a pain-free fashion?

Prevent experiencing:

  • an interrupted and uncomfortable night
  • struggle to walk the dog
  • discomfort during gardening 
  • inability to play and compete sports and games
  • struggles play with your friends or kids 
  • difficulties caring and looking after your kids or grandkids 

You've probably tried Physio', Chiro', Oteo', Massage, per-severing, supplements, Google, Youtube...and you still got yourself injured or suffering again!

Did you wonder why this keeps happening? Is this an 'age thing'? Can we predict or prevent injuries? Can you still improve your physical performance? 

Does addressing the muscular root causes of most injuries or physical ailments (pains, stiffness, ache...) resonate with you?

If so, why wait? You've arrived in the right place


Welcome to the 'Active, Fit and Injury Free' Program

A full mastery of preventative Exercises


Shoulder and Arm Muscles
Neck Muscles
Back Muscles
Abdominal (Stomach) Muscles
Pelvic and Hip Muscles
Upper Leg Muscles
Dynamic Alignment and Balance
Upper Body Stretches
Lower Body Stretches

= A life that remains

Active, Fit and Injury-Free.


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Meet Gal - Your Instructor

  • A chartered physiotherapist (BSc Physiotherapy, MSc Manual Therapy, MCSP, HCPC)
  • Specialized in Musculoskeletal/Manipulative Physiotherapy and Sports Injuries (MMACP)
  • Guest lecturer and tutor at Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU)
  • Member of the physiotherapy team to BAKU 2015 European Olympics Games
  • Official member of the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Physiotherapy Team
  • Lead physiotherapist and the private practice owner of GKPhysiotherapy 
  • Competitive swimmer and coach

Gal's core knowledge and skills will be delivered to you EASILY and INSTANTLY - are you ready?

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What do you get when you join

Active, Fit and Injury -Free?

Clear, applicable, and valuable content

You'll learn directly from Gal, who shared information visually, verbally, using clear photos, and in writing. All of it assist your applicable learning directly and safely.

Reduce the risk of recurring and new  injuries

Throughout learning and practicing this course content you'll gradually build up a body that improved its resistance to long-term as well as acute injuries. You'll be able to perform your sports hobbies pleasantly and fearlessly.

Improvement of sports and physical abilities

Not only you'll receive clear interesting and fun content to learn from as well as learning injury free...but you'll improve your sports and entire physical lifestyle.

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Active, Fit and Injury-Free is broken down into 3 key elements:

Prevention of acute and chronic sports injuries

Immediate reduction of the risk for injuries and new painful limitations!

Improvement in sports and overall physical performances

This introductory course will place you on the pathway to reducing existing pain, stiffness, and will help you to better understand them all!

Long term fitness and well-being

As you advance through your program, we'll make sure you have access to information, and easy to practice exercises that will cover your entire body - it'll help you protect your optimal function, performance, and well-being!

A Truly Amazing Course!!!

As a mom of a two years old little girl, and while being pregnant too, I've suffered from horrific tail-bone pain for a few days and couldn’t even sit down!

Then just ONE exercise out of this course (Latissimus Dorsi Muscle) cured it almost instantly! I’ve been so grateful :) This course totally is worth it!!!

— Hadar Hared

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